"Companies improve when people improve.
Level by level, our focus is on people skills."

Trailblazing Executive Coaching and Consulting

Who We Are

As experts in executive presence and personal branding, we uncover the “little things” that can make a “big” difference–filling the gap between successful and mediocre.


What We Do

Leadership is about influencing others. Influencing reaches maximum impact when you work WITH people, not OVER people. We work with leaders at all levels to develop their authentic leadership brand!


Training Programs

Valerie and Company offers a variety of customized programs for leadership development at all levels, with the premise that everyone must consider themselves a leader.


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Valerie and Company Books

The author of eight books, Valerie Sokolosky is one of the founding experts and authors instrumental in propelling the image consulting and business etiquette industries.

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Valerie and Company Radio

Listen and watch Valerie Sokolosky live at Clear Channel on iHeart Radio for The Jeff Crilley Show, and learn how personal branding and professional presence are paramount for an executive’s success.


Valerie and Company Video

Enjoy our video channel as it provides engaging and insightful info into Valerie and Company’s niche specialty—executive presence and personal banding.

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Valerie and Company Blog

Valerie is a favorite speaker and executive coach among Fortune 500 companies across the country and a valued consultant on topics related to leadership through professional presence and personal branding. Follow her blog for the latest news and tips.


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