Meet Our Colleagues

Robin Bramman

Robin Bramman is skilled in so many ways. She has assisted us in building chic, sharp and share worthy online company brands for our clients. She designs and develops marketing plans from zero to launch having deep experience with global, national and local companies including the global rebranding for World Trade Centers Association, National digital branding for Sun Communities Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort, and statewide rebranding for Local First Arizona. Robin recently led the brand, design and website launch of a global health and wellness startup, Vitalyze Inc.

We first met while becoming credentialed as two of only 20 global Master Brand Strategists. Now she works with our client companies throughout the brand, design and build process while we support their leadership presence and brand coaching.



William Arruda

Meet William Arruda, the Personal Branding Guru! His personal branding and social media keynotes, innovative training and influential Forbes columns have inspired millions of professionals to bolster their brand, up their social media savvy, deliver greater value to their company and have more fun at work!

When I met William in 2007, he was well on his way to building his expertise and growing his business as an entrepreneur. I found his concept of personal branding fascinating. It was a perfect fit with my niche in Professional Presence. We met, he mentored me and I was trained as one of his first Personal Brand Strategists. I was “all in!”  Now I’m proud to partner with him on major Fortune 100 key accounts as one of only 20 Master Brand Strategists worldwide.


Emily Crawford

Our colleague Emily Crawford is acknowledged for establishing a ground-breaking educational process between Fortune 500 enterprises and higher education. She is an award-winning curriculum designer of transformational leadership development programs. She is recognized by CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Symposium four consecutive years for Excellence in Academic Partnerships. These awards were given for her work with The Home Depot, Verizon Wireless, Convergys, and SunTrust Bank.

Emily and I began working together as international training and development consultants. Continuing her career in Organizational Development senior executive roles, Emily consistently reached out to use my services in such organizations as Neiman Marcus and Sun Trust Bank, among others. It became a mutual admiration relationship throughout our careers.

Emily is acknowledged for building high-performing, engaging learning experiences that advance talent capabilities and prepare employees for key leadership positions. Her expertise in translating organizational strategies into relevant learning solutions has resulted in improving employee engagement, individual performance, and business growth.

Jeff Crilley

It is a perfect alliance – two broadcasting journalists now leading our own companies that reflect our passions.

Meet Jeff Crilley – founder and CEO of Real News Public Relations, the country’s first all-journalist PR firm, staffed exclusively by experienced, award-winning reporters, editors, and producers. After witnessing the failures of the public relations industry from within the news room, Real News PR was founded in 2008 by a team of media experts with the purpose of delivering results instead of promises. They guarantee success because unlike other PR firms, they speak “journalism”. We value their work with our clients to develop content that the media needs, and deliver it in a language they understand. They are a rare resource for the news rooms, providing valuable content and industry experts for media outlets across the country. Additionally, Jeff’s company provides our clients full service video production, search engine optimization, social media strategy and implementation, web design, podcasting—even a professional speaker’s bureau.


Tia Williams-Vaughn

Having Tia as our Executive Assistant, has been a blessing beyond measure. You will find her overly accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in executing daily activities. She makes your interaction with V & Co seamless and enjoyable.

Her organizational skills help our office run smoothly as she supports us in social media presence, workshop preparation, and everyday business needs! She works tirelessly to keep us focused, meeting client deadlines and helping us be efficient in a digital world.  With boundless energy Tia handles her job with passion, positivity and always a big smile.



Hilary Kennedy

Meet Hilary Kennedy, Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Contemporary Style Blogger.

Hilary is one of the most genuine television anchors I’ve met. She’s always warm, welcoming and open to bringing visibility to her guests. Additionally, she is making waves in the blogging arena on We’re excited to collaborate on our new video series “Perspectives” as we share our points of view on life and business topics. Here’s her bio:

Hilary Kennedy is an Emmy Award winning TV host of the Four Minute Buzz on The Blaze Network and contributor to The Country Network. She is also a contemporary blogger and has been a featured style expert for Fox News Magazine, CNN, MSN, and Access Hollywood. Outside the TV studio, she is an active member of her church and crazy UFC fan. She is married to Jeff Hoferer and they have two tiny chihuahuas with big appetites.



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