Senior Leaders

What’s critical to us is your success; thus, we serve as a sounding board, give unbridled feedback, and coach in a private, personal way.

Senior Leaders: Invest in Yourself

Take Time for Personal Development.

According to Skip Walker, former Chairman & CEO of Hannah Corporation:

“At the top level of a company, a professional image & interpersonal skills become more glaringly important. When executives fail, it is more often due to their lack of relational aptitude in dealing with people and conflict, than lack of managerial or technical competence. Understanding how to be comfortable in all situations and the ability to adapt will go a long way to ensure success.”

Often executives rise to levels of technical excellence yet struggle to reach leadership distinction. Our coaching senior leaders deals with the complexity of their role in the global marketplace.


  • Increase talent retention and employee engagement
  • Foster a “best place to work” culture
  • Develop constructive conflict resolution
  • Learn intentional listening for others’ perspectives
  • Exude an executive presence
  • Deliver compelling presentations
  • Communicate with confidence

I am fortunate to have worked with Valerie for the past few years through some very important career transitions. Valerie is an extremely effective coach because of her sincere interest in discovering and defining the unique strengths of her coaches. Her thoughtful coaching approach not only helped me to define my personal brand but also how to effectively use the value of my brand to build meaningful relationships and ultimately drive positive business results. I treasure the advice shared by Valerie and frequently draw from her shared insights to ensure I am presenting my authentic self every day.

Sr. Partner

Big 4 Accounting Firm

For the past several years Valerie & Company has acted as external consultants to our company and they have been an invaluable resource as we transitioned from a small start-up operation to a viable company experiencing tremendous growth.  Doug’s pragmatic, straight forward style has been effective in help us resolve organizational and conflict situations in field offices, as well as coaching certain key executives on modifying personal management styles, which were impeding their effectiveness as leaders.

I regard Doug and Valerie as valuable resources as they guide us in assessing situations and look at options. They have made a very positive contribution to our evolution over the last several years.

Louis Brunel

President and CEO, Optel Communications

If you are a Senior leader looking for help in developing a stronger Director team, Valerie and Doug are the perfect combination.  I have worked with them extensively to help both newly promoted Directors as well as tenured leaders.  In every case, they tailored a plan that improved the overall leadership effectiveness of the individual.  Their ability to listen, diagnose and adapt their coaching to the individual is nothing short of phenomenal.  They are the perfect complement of how to utilize people skills to drive bottom line results for the organization.  Additionally, they make sure the leader is working in sync with the culture of the organization.  The outcome is a more aligned and focused team poised to achieve organizational results.

Kathy Koelle

Senior Vice President/General Manager, Verizon West Coast Region

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