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Do it Right…in Holiday Spirit

Negativity, traffic, bills, working late hours. So much to spiral us downward. It's time to get into a fun holiday spirit! Okay…so just how can I do that, Valerie? Try these tips and let me know what works for YOU! 1. Sing, even if you think you can’t. Honestly, this...
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Do it Right in Gratitude!

Six Gratitude Ideas Stay alert! Or you might miss a blessing. In our hurry scurry world, it’s easy to miss those little things that can make life more meaningful. Someone went out of their way to help you. A stranger said something nice to you. A friend from the past...
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4 Tips for Being Comfortable at Events: What Brand Impression Are You Leaving?

Research tells us that 60% of people in America are shy when it comes to attending events with a room full of strangers! Does that make you feel better? Additionally, 75% said they don’t know what to talk about and 40% are anxious even when they know people in the...
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Your branding observations are such an inspiration to me and I print them off and drop them on the desks of the staff after I have read them, of course!


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