Emerging Leaders

Great things happen when you develop a strong personal brand – and use it! You’ll see new opportunities, create stronger relationships, and have a larger influence.

Emerging Leaders: Taking Talent to the Next Level

High performers become good leaders and good leaders become great leaders.

In the spirit of what is expected and respected, you will be coached on ways to build and maintain a professional presence that strengthens your personal brand and creates greater success for yourself and your organization.



  • Understand the fundamentals of leadership and team building
  • Heighten your knowledge of business strategy using real time business issues
  • Polish your professional image to exude a leadership presence
  • Learn your brand reputation both internally and externally
  • Identify your leadership style and adapt to others
  • Discover your unique strengths that gain significant results

Your coaching with our talent development candidates has really made a difference. We have been able to develop their performance up over 100% year to date, which has made a huge difference in our company’s overall performance. I have spent more energy around those high potentials as well as supporting our top performers. Those you coached took so much away from spending time with you, and I feel this rise in performance has been the most dramatic impact to date.

Sr. HR Professional

Fortune 500 Company

I truly cannot say enough about the benefits of the coaching and your personal branding process. No question it has been where I have seen the biggest return from participating in the Chamber’s Lead Young Professional year of development. It has enabled me to move to my first management position! I think it would be great to find a way to make it accessible to all emerging leaders moving forward.

Meghan Kelley

Managing Director Membership and Revenue Growth, Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce

Valerie Sokolosky and her company have been working within Alpha Corporation and with me one on one for the past several years. They have offered their outstanding experience not only in business areas but in communications, personal relations and social matters. Valerie has the sensitivity to fully comprehend the needs to present the right and perfect way to develop people and implement projects.  She is an exceptional person who has demonstrated her unique taste and knowledge in a variety of management development areas.

Lic. Mariangela Assad Morrell

Public Relations Manager, Alpha Corporativo - Mexico

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